Born in 2000 in Losser, Netherlands.
Works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Dai's images reflect not only his themes, passions, and obsessions, but also our society and the values ​​of today. He embodies a search for atypical beauties and artistic expression. In his work, the key to his search for perfection, as he tries to find the best light, lies in the details. Dai points out that his images are never static. He always prepared shoots, knowing how he wants to start them and what he wants to achieve. In this he leaves space for creativity and the energy of the moment, which is impossible to plan: an 'organized chaos', to use his own words. He often works with oppositions and considers the relationship between desire and confidence, alluring and humility, and heroism and vulnerability. It's about transformation and creating beauty, but ultimately, it's all about authenticity. With an unapologetic approach to art and art history, the photographer offers his view on gender, society, and art, but also on identity and representation in our visual culture. 

Each photo is a suggestion that must be received and interpreted differently by the viewer. To discover a diverse and unconscious beauty, where the viewer is surprised, provoked or shocked. He wants to take the time to discover, observe, search, create something small, an emotion, a real monument. He wants to give his muses the opportunity to remove a barrier and express themselves freely and to tell a truth that evolves the codes, not by doing things the easy way, but by challenging everything. 

"I love people who represent this time and our world. In a world dominated by fast and sometimes filtered images, I think it is time to start working again on excellence, quality and meaning. Excellence and quality are a matter of study, time, talent, and investment. Meaning, beauty, progress: these are, in short, the values ​​that motivate and guide my work today," Dai explains. Most importantly, his work reveals a truth and embraces beauty in a way that only he can capture through his adventurous photography.